How is my IP Address?

Welcome to your DynDNS Provider

You want to be the servermaster and run your own home server or an IP Cam and achieve externally?

The problem is the changing of the IP Address (dynamically) of your internet-line, usually every 24 hours. This means that it is impossible to achieve your home network from extern.

With our Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Service, we offer you the possibility to operate your applications statically from extern in a mobile way.

Here everybody which would like to pursue a web server, ftp server, nas, teamviewer or IP Cams at home can furnish a DynDNS Free Account and reach therefore own home network with a firm IP Address.

Just sign up free of charge and enter the Updater-Url in your router – ready!

Detailed instructions you will find in your account under the link "Installation Code" or use side FAQ.

You can put in up to 3 DynDNS Urls for free (Premium 100), for private and commercial use, no matter whether at home, in company or at school.

How do you use our free DynDNS Service?

You can use our DDNS Service in different ways:

- with a router which supports the dynamic updates ( DynDNS Provider [User defined] )
- without additional software with manual update from the account menu
- with a Firefox and reload every (every 5 minutes)
- with our Updater-Tool V2.0e [for Windows, Linux, MAC and other operating systems (Java)]
- carry out a portscan to examine which ports are blocked or released

Updating in Real Time

See in your DynDNS Account ( DDCLIENT ) whether and when your IP Address was updated - live on a realtime basis

DynDNS Free: Use DynDNS-Updater gratis Account
Updater with fritzbox
Updater with Fritzbox |
With other router
With other router |
DynDNS-Updater with our tool
DynDNS Tool |
DDNS manually via Browser
Manually via Browser |
With direct forwarding
Direct Forwarding
What does our Dynamic-DNS Service cost?

Our DynDNS Service (DDNS) is up to 3 Dyn-Domains completely free of charge (free account). Premium Users can create for 9,90 $ unique up to 100 urls and domain forwarding.

Our support is available by e-mail to answer all your questions competently.

We wish you a lot of success and much pleasure by using our service.
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